Plenty of life left in the domestic oil heating industry

MartinApril 5, 20170 Comments
EOGB’s Sapphire ultra low NOx burner is a real glimpse into the future of oil fired heating. Aside from looking to meet pending low NOx legislation, UK manufacturers have a duty of care towards the world we live in to make sure we have a future in the heating industry. Aside from oil condensing boilers […]
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What is low NOx?

MartinFebruary 15, 20170 Comments
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NOx is the generic term for the highly poisonous nitrogen oxide gases which are produced during the combustion process. These gases can be extremely harmful to both humans and the environment, so the Government has put low NOx legislation and plans in place to limit how much is produced. What damage can NOx cause? NOx […]
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The benefits of modulation

MartinDecember 20, 20160 Comments
According to The Carbon Trust, heating and hot water can account for 60% of the total energy use in commercial buildings in the UK. A lot of this can be wastage due to inefficient and poorly maintained systems. Therefore, as fuel costs continue to rise and more stringent emission targets are set, it is vital […]
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Gas training – why it matters

MartinDecember 1, 20160 Comments
Last week (21st – 25th November) was the 9th annual Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, run by the charity CO Awareness. The charity’s aim is to improve safety and raise awareness through campaigning for changes in legislation covering the manufacture, installation and servicing of gas appliances. At EOGB, we’re committed to eradicating unsafe gas work and […]
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