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EOGB Burner runs on bio-methane at Thames Water

EOGB has recently supplied a Comist 122 two stage dual fuel burner for a Thames Water treatment plant in Hertfordshire.

The burner which is fitted to a Strebel cast iron sectional boiler and supply’s heat and hot water for the offices, runs on bio-methane, which is produced from the sewage treatment process on the site.

The process to produce the bio-methane undergoes several drying applications to make it suitable for reliable combustion. Hydrogen sulphide is a very corrosive component of biogas. In boilers it oxidises to form sulphuric acid which can dissolve the metal parts of the heat exchangers and flues. Brass and copper within gas valves and equipment can also be affected. Removal of hydrogen sulphide or knowledge of levels of Hydrogen sulphide within the gas is therefore a prerequisite for safe biogas utilisation.

For further information on Biofuels suitable for combustion equipment please call our technical department on 01480-477066 or email