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EOGB launch nozzle calculator App for iPhone and Android phones

The most common question asked of our Technical Support engineers is "What size nozzle do I need and what pressure do I set it at?"

EOGB have launched an App for the iPhone and iPad to enable engineers to have these answers in the palm of their hands. A version for Android based phones is also available.

Based on Danfoss nozzles, this is an essential tool for the oil burner engineer. This nozzle output calculator is set up to give a guide to the outputs given from Danfoss nozzles at a given pump pressure.

It will calculate burner and boiler outputs in kW based on pump pressure, nozzles size and boiler efficiency inputs.



Easy to use, the calculator covers Kerosene (Class C2) and Gas Oil (Class D) fuels (to BS2869) and all Danfoss nozzle types, it is suitable for all makes of Pressure Jet Oil burners that use Danfoss Nozzles.

It is worth noting that different nozzle manufacturers use different reference pressures, so they may not give the same output as Danfoss.

No more guesswork or manual calculations, this essential tool will guide you to achieving the correct nozzle settings for your oil burner.






Click on either the Apple App Store or Android Market Place link to download the App or use the QR scan code.