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EOGB now offer greater modulation control


We are now able to offer the E5202 signal converter for extra precise modulation of our gas burners.

With energy efficient plant specifications the preferred method to control burner outputs is often a 0-10 volts dc signal from the building management system (BMS).

When the BMS puts out a voltage to the burner to initiate a desired output, this is received by the E5202 control which then sends the output to the potentiometer fitted to the air servo motor, which in turn drives to the required position requested by the BMS.

Previously other modulating controls were used but these controls did not have a direct output onto the servo motor so the precision over the modulation was not as accurate. This new control solves this problem.

This equipment is now available as standard on all our modulating gas burners, which enhances our fully modulating low N0x package which is also available with variable speed fan motors for extra energy saving.

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