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EOGB show that Low Nox high efficiency Gas Burners are still an economical choice against Biomass at Maidenhead School

A Recent installation saw EOGB supply and commission five TBG PN fully modulating low Nox gas burners fitted on Broag boilers at Altwood School in Maidenhead. The original plan was to have a Biomass plant fitted, however after receiving several quotes it was far beyond the budget allocated to the school for a heating plant upgrade.

The total plant held five boilers with a total heat input of 2.5 megawatts.
The total cost including a 400 meter gas supply, pipework and boilers was significantly less than a biomass plant.
Looking at the current figures (sourced from
  • Fuel Price per kW/hr
  • Wood chips 2.9p/kWh                                              
  • Wood pellets 4.0p/kWh
  • Natural gas 4.8p/kWh
  • Gas oil 5.8p/kWh
  • LPG (bulk) 7.4p/kWh
  • Electricity 15.0p/kWh
So looking at the above information wood pellets only 0.8 pence cheaper than Natural gas per kW/hr, so when installation costs are so expensive for biomass plants and the RHI (renewable heat incentive) has reduced its payback from 2.7p per kW/hr to 1 p per kW/hr for large bio mass plants. Suddenly large biomass installations may look less attractive.
Also fitted on the plant were updated controls to allow the burners to fully modulate via a 0-10 volts dc signal increasing system efficiencies further.
For furtgher information on our TBG-PN range of fully modulating low Nox gas burners please contact our sales office on 01480-477066 or emasil
Martin Cooke
EOGB Technical Services Manager