New fault finding videos

MartinJanuary 30, 20170 Comments
Step 3 - Adjusting pump pressure
EOGB has uploaded a series of how-to videos to its YouTube channel for engineers who inspect, diagnose and repair oil burners. The short videos, which were filmed at the EOGB facility in Cambridgeshire, aim to help engineers to fault-find safely and effectively and include guides on ‘testing the motor for 230v’, ‘testing the photocell for […]
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Successful 2016 for EOGB

MartinJanuary 10, 20170 Comments
EOGB Energy Products Ltd has reported another successful year of continued growth in 2016, with total burner sales up by 23%. Supported by a buoyant industry, EOGB saw a particular increase in the sale of commercial gas burners, closely followed by oil burners for domestic applications. Training also continued to flourish, with a wider range […]
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Clear savings at glass recycling plant

MartinJanuary 3, 20170 Comments
Glass particles for recycling in a machine in a recycling facility. Different glass packaging bottle waste. Glass waste management. Glass recycling is the process of waste glass into usable products.
Recycling firm Ward Recycling Ltd (WRL) approached EOGB to provide an improved and more cost-efficient process heating solution at its glass beneficiation plant in Middlesbrough. Operating since 2012, the plant processes glass collected from household, municipal and commercial sources to make glass grit which can be used by companies as an alternative to traditional abrasive […]
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EOGB introduces OFTEC 201 training

MartinDecember 9, 20160 Comments
EOGB has introduced the new OFTEC 201 commercial assessment course at its training facility in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Created to give oil technicians a greater knowledge of the commissioning and servicing of multi-stage commercial burners, OFTEC 201 provides a great opportunity for engineers to upskill and discover potential new opportunities. In addition to providing the standard […]
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