Cost: £1200 + VAT

Duration: 10 days

Location: St Neots, Cambridgeshire


Course information:


The EOGB new entrant gas course is open to candidates who are currently working in a related industry and wish to transfer some of their current skills over to work on gas appliances.


Initially candidates will be asked to come to the EOGB training centre for a short interview and to complete a brief question paper to test their current knowledge and experience which will determine which course will be most suitable.


Candidates that need to gain extra knowledge initially will be asked to attend the five-day EOGB domestic gas foundation course, which consists of the following:

  • Basic introduction to gas regulations
  • Basic introduction to installation systems
  • Pipe work skills, bending, methods of jointing etc
  • Basic principles of combustion

Once this course is completed (if required) candidates can then move on to the ten-day new entrant course. This course can be taken over consecutive days or spread over one day per week for more flexibility.


The course will include:

  • Introduction to gas standards
  • Gas Safety regulations
  • Combustion theory
  • Gas supply installations
  • Gas supply pipe work sizing
  • Gas supply testing practices
  • Practical and theory exercises
  • Guides to unsafe situations and procedures
  • Chimney testing
  • Open flue testing
  • Room sealed appliance testing
  • Cooker installation practices
  • Fire installation practices


Once the initial ten-day course is completed candidates will be given a portfolio pack which outlines a series of gas-related practices that must be completed away from the training centre. Once the portfolio is completed and verified the candidate can return to undertake the ACS assessments for main core of CCN1.


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