Baltur commercial burner training

10 years of burner training in Italy

EOGB engineers have just returned from Bologna, Italy, after running a five-day commercial burner training course at Baltur’s impressive R&D facility.

2018 marks ten years since EOGB established the course, which covers single stage, two stage and fully modulating burners from 50kW to 2000kW as well as commissioning, gas valve set up, modulating controls, burner matching, and fault finding.

Unlike other courses currently available, training at Baltur allows engineers to get first-hand practical experience on large commercial burners, giving them essential experience and advanced technical knowledge.

Martin Cooke, Technical Director at EOGB said: “The course we run in Italy is one of only a handful in the heating industry which enables engineers to get essential practical experience, often not an option in the UK. Well done to all the engineers on this year’s course, we were really impressed by the amount of enthusiasm and hard work.”

See more information about EOGB’s commercial burner training here.