New improved oil nozzle calculator app

New and improved oil nozzle calculator app launched

EOGB has launched an updated version of its popular oil nozzle calculator app with added features to provide extra information and support to engineers and installers. The ‘Oil Nozzle Output Calculator’ app, which is based on Danfoss nozzles, calculates burner and boiler outputs in kW based

EOGB X Series Oil Burner - X400

Importance of oil hose replacement

With the winter season well underway, EOGB is reminding heating engineers of the importance of replacing oil hoses during their annual servicing to maintain efficiency and prevent avoidable accidents. While most oil hoses are manufactured from high quality rubber and plastic, like all materials these are

specialist solutions

Specialist solutions

Over an almost 25-year history, EOGB has built up extensive experience in designing and developing bespoke burner solutions for a wide range of specialist applications. For example, unlike other domestic burner manufacturers, we have developed 12 volt and 24 volt variations of our conventional X Series