A lesson in efficient heating in North Yorkshire

In 2009, North Yorkshire County Council put in place a programme aimed at reducing carbon emissions and energy costs within its schools. A key element of the programme was to convert schools from oil fired heating to gas heating where practical and economically viable.

Independent heating and plumbing company HCS Mechanical Services Ltd, who are the Council’s current mechanical services framework contractor, selected EOGB to provide gas burners for the first trial installation at Sherburn High School. Following this, and the evidence of significant savings at the site, HCS advised that EOGB should be used as the sole provider of Baltur commercial gas burners for the conversion programme.

Barry Taylor, Operations Director at HCS Mechanical Services Ltd, commented: “We choose to use EOGB as the burners are excellent quality, spares are available very quickly and we have the reassurance of technical back-up being available both over the phone and, where required, on site. Some of our engineers have also attended the EOGB commercial burner training courses.”

The conversion works have now been carried out at ten sites, resulting in heating bills dropping by as much as 40% (measured at the time of installation) as a result of the new burners and implementation of additional refinement measures. Carbon emissions have also been reduced significantly.

Another benefit for converting to gas at each site has been the reduction in servicing from twice a year to once a year, leading to a sizable decrease in associated costs and downtime. Furthermore, oil deliveries are no longer required to be scheduled in – eliminating issues of fuel not being delivered in time. This was previously a significant problem, often exacerbated by severe bad weather which meant that delivery vehicles couldn’t get to many sites to deliver oil at all, resulting in schools having to close.

Martin Cooke, Technical Manager at EOGB, said: “We’re delighted that our Baltur commercial gas burners have played such a key role in reducing the county’s costs and carbon footprint. The burners, which are now installed at many sites across North Yorkshire, use the very latest technology which ensures optimum performance combined with low emissions.”

EOGB has a strong partnership with HCS Mechanical Services, with their burners chosen for around 90% of installation projects. In total, there are approximately 300 EOGB oil and gas burners installed across North Yorkshire, which is the largest county in the UK.

The EOGB Baltur commercial gas burners are available in single-stage, two-stage or fully-modulating mode with outputs from 50kW to 10,850kW. The burners have low CO2 and NOx emissions and are easy to install, enabling trouble-free commissioning which is fully supported by EOGB engineers.