Baltur Celebrates 70 Years

Since 1950, Baltur has been a brand of excellence in the field of combustion technology. In 70 years of business, the company has achieved a perfect balance between performance and savings, comfort and sustainability. Thanks to continuous investment in research and innovation, today it is able to satisfy both industry and the private sector with a complete range of burners.



Ballanti and Tura establish Baltur S.r.l. The company produces oil burners for residential use.


The Fava family joins the company, builds the new factory and produces Royal, the first light oil boiler.


Balturella is born – the first gas boiler with premix burner.


Baltur launches the first split-head burners.


Baltur inaugurates its office in Shanghai.


The company starts converting business processes to reflect Lean Management and Industry 4.0 logics and techniques.


R&D is equipped with the world’s largest standardised burner test tube (EN 267 – 676).


Inauguration of the new R&D Laboratory and the Automated Production Line for large burners.


Baltur employs the principles of Lean Management and Industry 4.0, with advanced processes and methods that allow for the reduction of waste and the best performance of processes and services, to manage energy in a rational and effective manner that respects humanity and the environment. Thanks to this approach, a close-knit and expert team and significant continuous investments of its own resources, the level of technology and reliability of Baltur solutions progresses day after day.

New combustion technologies, new materials, remote operational parameter monitoring and transmission. Every year we invest new resources in our R&D laboratories so that we can conduct continuous testing and experiments on burners up to 50 MW of power, working to meet our customers’ expectations with increasingly efficient products and the lowest environmental impact.

Baltur has succeeded in bringing the originality of Italian style to its industrial and residential solutions: products conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy with the best technologies, reliable, high performance, without ever sacrificing design and originality of form. A complete range of high quality, efficient, functional and stylish solutions to satisfy the most demanding customer. A passion that has set apart Baltur products since 1950, 100% Made in Italy.


BALTUR, a Family That Speaks All The Languages of The World

A global leader in its industry, Baltur is a flexible and competitive company that’s capable of managing its international relationships in an entirely informal manner. A personal, attentive relationship with each customer, never neglecting the distinct and regulatory requirements of each country. At Baltur, customer relations and product quality always come first.

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