Baltur celebrates 70 years

Baltur turns 70

Since its foundation, Baltur has always set ambitious goals and reaching milestones like 70 years of business truly confirms the company’s strong position in the heating, air conditioning and climate technologies sector.

Our story began in 1950, when Ballanti and Tura founded Baltur Srl for the production of burners for domestic use. In 1960, the Fava family joined the company and went on to run the company for three generations.

Since then, we have expanded our product range and increased our offered services – striving towards creating a ‘one stop shop’ experience for customers that also achieves the best balance between performance and savings, comfort and sustainability, reliability and safety. In 2000 we consolidated our global presence with a new representative office in Shanghai, whilst still maintaining the quality of relationships and services typical of a local company – we love to call ourselves “a family that speaks all languages.”

Since 2007 we have made a number of other changes to optimise and perfect our production, reduce waste, and improve the performance of processes and services in order to manage energy in a way that is increasingly rational and effective – respecting both man and the environment around us.

Thanks to this process, with constant efforts and investments into bettering our research and development, in 2015 we made the largest test tube for burners in the world (EN 267 – 676 standard) and, in 2019, we installed the new R&D laboratory and the new Automated line for large burners.

Today, we are proud to say that we are able to satisfy both industry and the private sector through a complete range of products for comfort and air conditioning, low emission burners and the latest generation thermal systems, powered by clean energy. Baltur has been able to bring the originality of Italian style into its industrial and residential solutions, combining high-quality technology and design.

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