Bespoke Burner Controls


Sometimes even the best burner controls are not enough to optimise your combustion plant. Burner controls are so advanced, and offer so much capability with the highest level of safety and efficiency, it can be difficult to see how reliability can be increased or further savings made.

To provide a solution, EOGB offers a bespoke Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) development service, designing and integrating bespoke burner controls for even the most complex commercial and industrial operations.

By working closely with customers to understand their production process and specific heat control requirements, EOGB can optimise the use of safe and highly-efficient combustion equipment to ensure the highest production yield and energy efficiency.

With over 25 years’ experience in the combustion industry, working in partnership with leading manufacturers such as Baltur, Lamtec and Honeywell, EOGB is uniquely placed to provide PLC solutions to integrate with combustion equipment.

Examples of bespoke Programmable Logic Controller functions include:

  • Sequencing systems to manage multiple boilers (saving fuel and ensuring maximum system reliability)
  • Furnace control systems to control temperature increase, timings and trend logging
  • Boiler Management System (BMS) to control multiple boilers
  • Three Element Drum Level Control
  • Superheater temperature control

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

EOGB’s bespoke HMI provides a real-time view of system conditions and operational data, configured to suit bespoke requirements. The HMI offers online monitoring, control, status reporting, data collection and more, improving efficiency and productivity.

Other benefits include:

  • A custom designed graphical interface, which allows operators to view plant and control from a central location.
  • Alarm logging to track malfunctions and errors so they can be resolved faster, optimising manufacturing processes and increasing productivity
  • Automated sending of SMS or email alerts to maintenance teams if a malfunction occurs
  • Use of datasets allowing operators to quickly and easily select from a pre-programmed set of operating parameters, reducing the opportunity for error.
  • Communications with multiple devices throughout the workplace, including remote I/O, ethernet ports, wireless and more



To discuss how EOGB can improve the efficiency of your operations, email or call 01480 477066.