Biofuel Burners

Across the UK, there is an increasing drive to go green and save energy. A number of boiler manufacturers are choosing to use biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels, and an essential part of this

is to install an efficient, high-performance biofuel burner within the boiler.


EOGB supplies quality burners which can be used with FAME biofuels, as well as with kerosene and gas oil.


How Are Biofuels Produced?

Pressure on fossil fuels and concern over their environmental impact has led to interest in biofuels, which in many cases are made from vegetable oils and other biological waste. European countries have worked together to develop FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) biofuels.


These are produced from raw materials including waste cooking oils and vegetable oils, such as sunflower, soya bean and rapeseed oils, as well as animal fats. Biodiesels can be produced with different strengths, depending on how much biofuel is included within the finished blend and how much diesel.


Advantages of these fuels include the fact that they are a renewable source of energy, unlike traditional fossil fuels, making them a more sustainable alternative. Their use can also help to reduce emissions of damaging greenhouse gases, and improve the security of energy supplies within Europe, reducing the need to buy in fuels from other parts of the world.

The EU has set sustainability regulations for biofuels to ensure they really are more eco-friendly than fossil fuels and are not taking the place of other essential crops such as food or leading to forests being dug up.


Biofuel Burners from EOGB


The XSeries bio burner range from EOGB, which is UK-manufactured, can be installed in heating systems burning FAME biofuel blends up to B10 if our standard Danfoss pump is used. It is also possible to adapt the burner for use with a B30 blend by changing the pump to one with the right specifications, which can be ordered from us. There is no need for changes to the other burner components.


EOGB X500 Biofuel Burner

Burners from this range are available in three different models, X400, X500 and X600, with outputs varying from 14kW up to 100kW. All XSeries burners have been constructed with environmental responsibility in mind, and they can easily be adjusted to ensure they are operating economically. They comply with European green standards, meeting the criteria for EN267, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure every aspect gives a high standard of performance.


The XSeries burners are manufactured for use with both biofuels and standard heating oil. So, if a customer wanted to switch their existing burner from one type of fuel to the other, this would be fine, but it would need to be recommissioned. However, if a customer switched from biofuel to kerosene, there might be some fuel storage issues which they should take advice about.


Other Biofuel-Compatible Products

Because of the properties of biofuels, other products need to be adapted to work safely with them, particularly those using rubber. As well as our eco burner range, EOGB also supplies a number of other biofuel-compatible products. These include versatile oil filters which are suitable for use with FAME bio blends up to B50, in addition to being suitable for standard oils. These filters are available to fit all sizes which are usually required.


We also supply KBB fire valves which are compatible with blends up to B50, as well as with ordinary heating oils. These come in both 65 degree and 90 degree ranges, and in a wide range of lengths.


Also on the list of bio products we offer are our long-life hoses. These are green in both colour and in environmental terms, since they can be used with FAME blends right up to B100, which is 100% biofuel. They can also be used with other rapeseed-based biofuels and with standard oils. These hoses are available in all the usual sizes and are guaranteed for 24 months.


Caring for the Environment

EOGB has been working as part of the Biofuel Taskforce, together with OFTEC, to develop a biofuel for the heating oil market. Together with our production of our biofuel burner range, this underlines our commitment to helping the environment and making heating technology as eco-friendly as possible.


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