Boost your skills in 2018

Lose weight, exercise more, give up smoking… these are the most common New Year’s resolutions that we set for ourselves every year. So, instead of being defeated by your resolutions again in 2018, why not set yourself the challenge of picking up some new industry skills?

At EOGB we’re committed to offering high-quality training for heating engineers which provides invaluable knowledge, adds to their skillset and boosts their future career prospects. We’re very proud of our personal approach and experienced team – in fact between them they have over 160 years of combined industry knowledge to share!

Perhaps you’ve been considering a move into the oil industry? Training on oil is particularly popular at EOGB and we offer the beginner’s OFTEC 50 course, aimed at those who have little or no experience of domestic oil installations. There are no entry requirements and the three-day intensive course provides engineers with a solid background and enough practical experience to move on to gain OFTEC qualifications, and ultimately the highest levels of competence within the industry.

Maybe you’d like to gain more burner knowledge? As a burner manufacturer, we can’t stress enough the importance of gaining real burner experience, something that is not included in OFTEC training. Therefore, we run a specialist one-day domestic burner course, suited to both experienced engineers and newcomers to the industry to help course attendees extend their knowledge of burners. This course provides vital skills so engineers are always well prepared to fault find on the burner when called to a domestic heating breakdown.

Investing in personal development is hugely important and there are countless opportunities available for heating engineers to boost their skills and add to their portfolio. From short courses such as energy efficiency or water systems to an annual training trip to Italy to work on large commercial burners, EOGB has a wide range to choose from. So why not set yourself a new goal this year?

To speak to our training team about what course may be best for you, call 01480 477066 (opt 3) or email