Biofuel Products



The future for the Oil Heating Industry is moving towards biofuel products to meet the demands of Government and the consumer for lower CO2 emitting products. EOGB Energy Products Ltd has been working closely with OFTEC as a member of the Biofuel Taskforce in the development of a biofuel for the heating market.

A B30 Bio Kerosene fuel spec was launched by OFTEC at the Oil & Renewable Heating Show in October 2010 and supply to the market should start during 2011, there is a need to have biofuel compatible products available for Engineers to fit to their customers systems. Bio based fuels are more aggressive and material changes to products are required to enable their components to work with them, especially those containing natural rubber based materials.

Changes have already been made from January 2011 where the biofuel content in diesel heating oil can be up to 7%, the introduction of bio-kerosene is also on the horizon, so EOGB Energy Products Ltd have been working with its suppliers to develop bio compatible products for the oil heating market.

We currently are able to supply the following products suitable for use with FAME based biofuels, as well as the current fossil fuels, please click on the items to go to the relevant information pages:

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