LPG training

Spring forward your career with LPG training

If you are a heating engineer looking to add another string to your bow, it’s worthwhile to consider working towards a Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) qualification. With over four million homes in the UK currently classed as off-grid (according to statistics from the Office of Fair

EOGB announces extended warranty on biogreen oil hose

EOGB Energy Products Ltd has announced the introduction of an extended warranty on its range of biogreen long-life flexible oil hoses for domestic oil burners. Initially launched in 2009, the range has recently been refreshed with the introduction of new materials to further increase durability and

Gas technical trainer Ian Fleming

Meet the team: Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming, Gas Technical Trainer at EOGB, tells us about his experience in the industry throughout the years…   So where did it all begin? Throughout my childhood, I always approached everything with a technical mind. I was inclined to pull apart, inspect and attempt to fix every

Bespoke Burner Controls PLC Systems

The heating system of the future

Boilers and burners play a key role in providing heating and hot water for commercial buildings, as well as being a critical component of  industrial process applications. However, managing sequencing and varying operating modes can present complex challenges. Therefore, Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are often used