Sapphire is EOGB’s first fully modulating blue flame domestic oil burner.


The revolutionary Sapphire Ultra-Low NOx modulating oil burner not only satisfies the 2018 required standards set by the Energy Related Products (ERP) Directive, but also meets lower 2022 requirements well ahead of time.


The fully modulating oil burner utilises innovative blue flame technology to deliver the best in energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction of any domestic oil burner on the market today.


Main benefits:

  • Satisfies both 2018 and projected 2022 ErP Directive legislation
  • Improves boiler performanceEOGB's Ultra Low NOx burner, Sapphire, Is The Most Energy-Efficient Domestic Oil Burner On The Market Today
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Simple maintenance with advanced diagnostics
  • Robust, quality construction


Low NOx burner technology includes:

  • 10-30Kw operating range
  • Fully modulating operation
  • UV flame scanner
  • Soot free operation
  • EOGB’s unique control system

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