With the current focus on environmental responsibility, there is a growing demand for energy efficient heating systems. Companies or organisations replacing old boilers will be looking for equipment which saves fuel and power as much as possible, while still giving good performance.


For maximum efficiency, it is essential to choose burners which are designed to work well with your chosen boiler or heating application, avoiding any strain on the equipment. As a manufacturer and installer of boiler burners, EOGB prides itself on providing highly efficient products, which is one of the reasons why our burners are chosen by leading boiler companies.


Efficient Commercial and Industrial Heating


Efficient heating systems are essential to companies in terms of budgeting. This is because heating often tends to use large amounts of energy, so fuel bills make up a major element of company costs, which need to be monitored closely. If large industrial boilers are running inefficiently, they can make your ongoing costs as a business much higher, so an investment in a more efficient system is likely to pay for itself within a short time, often under 2 years.


As well as saving money for the company or organisation concerned, more energy efficient heating will also help the environment. This will both cut your carbon footprint and enhance your reputation. In today’s marketplace, businesses are under pressure to prove their green credentials, with many undergoing regular environmental audits and being questioned by customers about their environmental practices.


Also, if you are equipping a commercial building to be leased, potential tenants will look at energy performance, including heating systems, before deciding whether to move in. Recently there has been a growing trend to retrofitting, which means making existing commercial buildings energy-efficient, and careful choice of heating system is all part of this.


Businesses may look at a range of different boiler models and fuels before describing which is best option for them. Gas, oil and dual fuel models which switch between the two all have advantages for businesses.


To achieve efficient and reliable performance, it is important that commercial and industrial boilers contain components made to the highest standards, such as the Baltur commercial burners supplied by EOGB. These are some of the most efficient oil burner and gas and dual fuel burner models available, and they are available in a range of sizes and in fully modulating, single or two-stage versions. Their emissions also comply with European standards.


Efficient Domestic Boiler Burners


If a domestic boiler requires a replacement burner, to ensure energy efficiency, it is essential to choose one which will give optimum performance and be suited to the particular boiler model. EOGB manufactures its own range of domestic oil burners, which are designed and built in the UK and are also suitable for light commercial uses.


Oil is a highly efficient fuel, making it the choice of many households, particularly in countryside areas where mains gas is not an option. As well as oil, biofuel blends are becoming a popular option with some households and with the heating industry as it works to cut carbon use.


Our XSeries burners are available in three different models and a wide range of outputs, and are compatible with most designs of domestic boiler. They are built to be highly reliable and meet the EN267 environmental standard, while also going beyond the current European requirements for emissions. In addition to being used with kerosene and gas oil, the burners can also be used with FAME biofuel blends of up to B10, or up to B30 for special orders.


EOGB’s Environmental Record 


EOGB has built a strong environmental record over the years. Both our own XSeries burners and the burners manufactured by Baltur in Italy meet standards for low emissions, making any of these a greener choice. The company has also carried out pioneering biofuel burner development as part of the Biofuel Taskforce, underlining its environmental commitment.


If heating engineers are not sure which burner to choose for a specific application to ensure energy efficient heating systems, we can advise on which model will give the best performance.


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