EOGB Technical Manager, Martin Cooke, Receives His Masters Degree

Mastermind EOGB engineer receives industry qualification

Martin Cooke, Technical Manager at EOGB Energy Products Ltd, has become one of only a handful of engineers in the UK to have received a specialist Master’s degree in Industrial and Commercial Combustion Engineering.

The course, which was created to address concerns of a lack of competent combustion engineers worldwide, is the first of its kind in the UK and covers all industrial and commercial processes at a highly advanced level.

Modules include commissioning, environmental legislation, burner technology and utilisation and a 15,000 word research-based dissertation. The three-year degree programme is widely recognised by industry experts.

Martin said: “I’m really proud to have achieved my Master’s degree. There is not currently a formal qualification route for industrial combustion engineers and I’m enjoying putting the advanced knowledge and skills I’ve gained into practice in my role at EOGB.

My next challenge is to complete a PhD in Combustion Engineering specialising in NOx reduction methods in oil fired combustion. Hopefully some of our current projects at EOGB will help towards oil fired heating retaining its deserved presence in the heating industry. I enjoy the R&D role greatly and still enjoy going out on the tools when I have time but that’s getting less and less nowadays.”

Martin has worked in heating industry for over 20 years and joined EOGB in 2008. In addition to heading up the technical, research and development team he also leads the EOGB training department which delivers a range of oil, gas and associated courses in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.