Weatherproof Boilers

Baltur announces external weatherproofed commercial boiler range for UK

The Product

Soon after launching into the UK with their range of commercial burners and boilers, global manufacturer brand, Baltur, launched into the UK by EOGB in September, have announced the arrival of a range of IP5XD rated weatherproof boilers, designed for installation outside the building.

The Baltur MCS external boiler range offers units to work either as standalone or in modular cascade applications, providing outputs up to 2000 kW. For greater outputs, banks of modular units can be connected to provide a virtually limitless heating output, all sited externally at ground level or on the roof, saving or creating valuable floor space within the building.


The Impact

Technical director for Baltur in the UK, Martin Cooke, said: “With increasing constraints on space in buildings for the boiler plant and demands for improving efficiency, the traditional location of the boiler room in the basement or elsewhere inside the building is becoming more problematic.

Our MCS commercial boiler range, with fully weatherproofed casings and purpose-designed for external siting, can provide a simple solution for both plant replacement projects and new build applications where internal space is at a premium.”

Baltur sees their MCS range addressing a range of issues concerning boiler plant renewal. Specialist ventilation systems and replacement flue systems are often required to bring modern condensing appliances up to current standards, and a purpose-built plant is an expensive capital investment for companies.

Added to the mix of complexities is that many existing boiler rooms may be riddled with asbestos, which is costly and time-consuming to remove, thereby making the reuse of an internal boiler room an expensive exercise. These issues often mean that old, unreliable and inefficient boilers are retained and repaired when replacement to a modern, high efficiency type would be the better answer.

For new build applications, locating the plant outside, either adjacent to the building or on a suitable roof space, offers greater utilisation of valuable space, making a boiler room an expensive luxury.


The Versatility

Baltur’s MCS range can be used with natural gas and LPG, the latter providing an alternative to oil boilers which to date has been the only option if the boiler room is below ground level. Moving to an outside location removes this restriction.

The MCS high efficiency condensing boiler range offers an advanced specification such as pre-mix low NOx burners with turn down ratios of up to 20 to 1 to deliver load matching to meet the majority of building requirements from 210KW up to 10MW.

Based in Italy, Baltur is a leading provider of heating solutions, with a global presence in over 60 countries.

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