Baltur TBML 600

Focus on: Baltur TBML 600

This month we were delighted to work with a customer in the pharmaceutical industry to provide one of the largest burners ever supplied by EOGB – a Baltur TBML 600.

The industrial burner will be used to power a steam boiler and boasts an array of impressive features including a maximum output of 6MW, the ability to operate on both light oil and gas and a fully-modulating operation with a turndown ratio of 1:7.

The burner is also integrated with an innovative Lamtec control system which will bring a range of benefits to the heating system including increased efficiency, better combustion control and reduced fuel consumption. This system can also be upgraded in the future to have O2/CO control which will lower NOx and CO emissions.

Further benefits include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Fully closing air damper on shutdown to avoid loss of heat through the chimney
  • Fail proof connectors for burner/gas train connection


EOGB is the sole UK distributor of fully-modulating Baltur burners for commercial and industrial applications and provides on-site surveys free of charge. Click here for more information.

You can also contact the EOGB technical team by emailing or calling 01480 477066 (opt 1).