Getting to grips with the ErP phase two

In 2016, we saw the introduction of the Energy Related Product (ErP) Directive in the UK. The directive is a European Council regulation and implements a series of measures aimed at reducing the energy consumption of products in the heating industry in order to decrease the amount of harmful emissions produced such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx).

Following on from this, a second phase of the directive was introduced last month which sets even stricter limits on the level of NOx emissions. This second phase, called ‘ecodesign’, requires manufacturers to reduce the energy consumption of products with an output of up to 400kW by establishing minimum energy efficiency standards. The maximum level of NOx emissions produced by gas and LPG boilers is 56mg/kWh while the level is set at 120mg/kWh for oil-fired boilers. The aim of this is to make sure that only the most energy-efficient, low NOx products are available on the market.

In order to meet the stringent requirements set by the directive, forward-thinking manufacturers such as ourselves have been working hard for a number of years to develop new and innovative technologies.

For example, at EOGB we have created the industry’s first fully-modulating low NOx burner which runs on kerosene. The 10-30kW ‘Sapphire’ burner is highly efficient and uses blue flame technology to produce a cleaner, soot-free burn which results in a significantly reduced level of NOx emissions. In fact, the Sapphire burner exceeds both the new 2018 emission levels and the stricter emission levels which are due to come into force in 2022!

The end goal of the ErP Directive is to tackle air pollution for the benefit of us all and our planet, and with technology such as the Sapphire burner available on the market, achieving the ever-tighter requirements should be simple.

For more information about the Sapphire burner email Technical Director Martin Cooke – or call the EOGB technical team on 01480 477066 (opt 2).