When companies are upgrading heating systems or installing replacement commercial burners for their boilers, energy efficiency is a prime consideration. While this is of course crucial to protect the planet, avoiding energy loss can also help to save companies money. In addition to installing energy efficient burners, use of technology such as O2/CO trim systems can significantly increase efficiency and cut running costs.


As experts in the whole area of energy efficient heating, leading burner supplier EOGB can help to ensure your system is performing with optimum efficiency.


Between them, heating and hot water are possibly the biggest users of energy in commercial premises. It is estimated they are responsible for nearly half the carbon dioxide emitted from non-domestic buildings in the UK.


It has also been estimated that many boiler installations operate at more than 5% below optimum efficiency. This leads to unnecessary fuel consumption and so significantly adds to energy bills for the company concerned.


Efficient Commercial Boilers and Burners

The heating systems and boilers in commercial and industrial premises need to be large and powerful. As well as coping easily with everyday demand, they need to have the capacity to be able to step up for high use at colder times of year or other periods of peak demand. This may make it difficult to switch to renewables to power these systems, something which is increasingly being done in other sectors.


However, it is still essential to ensure industrial premises have energy efficient heating systems. Improving efficiency can dramatically cut the running costs of heating, and many such measures can pay for themselves within a short period of time.


Building regulations and other official standards govern how systems should be designed. They underline how essential it is to consider efficiency when choosing and installing a system. Where a system is already in place, it is also possible to upgrade it by choosing replacement burners, which give a high level of energy efficiency.


There are various design features which can make a commercial gas burner or oil burner more efficient, helping to ensure low carbon and NO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption. For instance, two-stage burners can operate at a lower heat for much of the time, going up to a higher level when needed. Modulating burners are also highly efficient because they can adjust output as needed, using precise controls.


Optimising Boiler Performance

Even where a commercial heating system has been designed to save energy, the efficiency of the boiler and burners will also need to be fully optimised. Otherwise, this can lead to performance being below what it should be and energy being lost.


Burner matching is the first step to ensure a boiler is operating as it should. This means ensuring that the working field of the burner is correctly suited to the application and provides the desired turn down ratio. It is also possible to fit a variable speed drive using an inverter on some Baltur models provided by EOGB, which will help to achieve further energy savings. We can give advice on whether this is suitable for your particular application.


Fitting O2 and CO2 trims is another way to give advanced combustion control and further improve efficiency. Both these trims in effect incorporate monitoring into the burner control, so that adjustments are made as needed. Using these two controls together is likely to result in significant energy savings, which will also help to cut bills for your company or organisation.


If a commercial gas or oil burner does not already have these advanced controls, it is often possible for them to be retrofitted, providing they are compatible with your burner. EOGB can again advise on whether this is possible and how much money it is likely to save you.


Since heating is such a major part of a company’s running costs, it is well worth taking action to reduce running costs. Installing efficient commercial burners and ensuring boilers are fully optimised can help to achieve this. EOGB is happy to visit your site to carry out a free survey and give you technical advice on which energy-saving measures would be most appropriate for your application, helping to reduce your running costs.



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