We are excited to announce the release of our brand new online HVO training.


Liquid biofuels in form of HVO is a true sustainable and sensible approach to off gas grid decarbonisation. HVO has an essential role to play and the deployment must be supported.

“HVO” Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is a certified net zero carbon fuel produced from waste cooking oils and fats. Homes currently on Kerosene heating can easily transition to this fuel with minor conversions to their existing system to make a true environmental change now.

Minimum capital expenditure for end user will mean greater uptake compared to complete invasive/disruptive works required to fit alternative energies for no actual benefit to homeowner nor environment.

The Instructor for this course is Alan Charles Black FCIPHE, Eng Tech, Dip.C.Eng.

Alan started his career as a second-generation oil-fired heating engineer whilst still at school and is now principal consultant at Oil Heating Consultancy Services Ltd. With over 40 years’ experience within the industry he is passionate about good engineering practices and helping engineers attain knowledge and understanding to help them in their daily working lives.


For the last 20 years Alan has also been a keen contributor and member of the British Standards Institute technical committee responsible for BS 5410 – our liquid fuel industry standard covering Domestic, Non-Domestic and Industrial process applications.


For just £12.50 you can learn about decarbonisation, HVO for home heating, technical requirements and much more.


If you have any questions regarding HVO and the future of liquid fuel heating, call us on 01480 477066 or email technical@eogb.co.uk