EOGB X Series Oil Burner - X400

Importance of oil hose replacement

With the winter season well underway, EOGB is reminding heating engineers of the importance of replacing oil hoses during their annual servicing to maintain efficiency and prevent avoidable accidents.

While most oil hoses are manufactured from high quality rubber and plastic, like all materials these are affected by environmental, operating and site conditions. Left over time, they can become damaged and brittle, affecting boiler efficiency or causing potentially dangerous oil leaks.

Even if no external damage is apparent, it is highly recommended that engineers adhere to OFTEC guidelines which stipulate that hoses are changed during every annual service and no more than one year after the product warranty expiry date, which is stamped clearly on the hose crimp.

Martin Cooke, Technical Director at EOGB, said: “If a hose is not replaced, or recommended to be replaced, at an annual service and an oil leak occurs, the engineer can be held liable. Therefore, we recommend that the hoses are replaced every year, especially if there are any signs of cracking, kinking or abrasions. If in any doubt regarding the age of the hose, then it should be replaced.”

EOGB is the original manufacturer of the biogreen long life flexi oil hose and has supplied over half a million of these to the industry since 2009.