Having an efficient heating system which performs as intended is essential for companies in all sectors of industry. Key to this objective is ensuring that boilers are fitted with industrial burners which are suitable for the specific application and model.


EOGB is the sole UK supplier of burners from leading Italian industrial burner manufacturer Baltur, which cover a large range of sizes and outputs. Both companies have a fine reputation and share a commitment to supplying high-quality products. Heating engineers ordering these burners can rely on EOGB not only for installation but for ongoing support, technical advice and a comprehensive spares service.


Key Pointers for Choosing Industrial Burners


Industrial boilers and heating systems have to cope with demanding conditions, as they are required to heat larger areas, such as factories and stores. Changing seasons and particular operations being carried out can mean that the need for heat increases, and an efficient system needs to be able to step up to meet these demands. To achieve this, it is essential to choose quality industrial boiler burners which will ensure the system performs as intended and give fuel efficiency.


When choosing an industrial heating system, one of the main criteria to consider is saving on cost. Energy bills, including heating, are always a major cost for any organisation. However, if a new system operates at maximum efficiency, this can keep the cost down and ensure that the price of investing in a new boiler is quickly recouped. Energy efficiency of course also has implications for the environment, and organisations of today are all aware of the need to avoid harming the planet through waste of resources.


It is also important that an industrial system gives high performance even in difficult conditions, pumping heat through to all areas. This will ensure that there is an even and pleasant temperature throughout the area, benefiting both staff and customers, rather than a workplace being too hot in one area and too cold in another.


Reliability is another key factor. When making a major investment such as installing an industrial boiler, you will want to be sure all equipment comes from firms with a good track record and complies with all expected standards.


The choice of fuel is a big decision for firms. As well as oil and gas, another option is to go for a dual-fuel boiler. This will allow you to switch between oil and gas and could potentially save money if one fuel is cheaper or more readily available than the other.


Installations and Advice


EOGB often works together with other companies on installations in industrial and commercial premises, supplying burners which will work with the boilers and applications. One recent installation was at City of Bristol College, a large higher and further education college.


Remaha installed boilers to provide a more modern heating system for the College Green Centre, where over 1,500 students are based. EOGB provided Baltur gas burners for the four boilers, in plant rooms on the building roof. By replacing older 2-stage burners with modern, fully-modulating versions, EOGB helped to increase the system’s efficiency by around 30%, bringing savings on energy costs and significantly reducing emissions.


Industrial Burners Supplied by EOGB


All the industrial Baltur burners which EOGB supplies are among the lowest polluting models on the market, complying with European industry standards and achieving very low levels of both CO and NOx emissions. They also offer high performance and reliability while being easy to maintain and user-friendly.


The fully modulating Baltur industrial gas burners which EOGB supplies, such as those used at City of Bristol College, cover an output range from 50 kW right up to 45MW. Other gas burners in the range include single and two-stage variants. These highly efficient burners have state-of-the-art features making them ideal for use in an industrial or commercial setting. These include low noise and ease of maintenance, with the ability to service the combustion head without the need to remove the burner.


We also supply Baltur industrial oil burners, with the larger models in the modulating and heavy oil burner ranges both going up to 10,500kW. As with the gas burners, smaller single and two-stage models are again available and are ideal for smaller applications. Some Baltur oil burners can also be used with biofuel blends.


In some older buildings in particular, a heating solution may have to be specifically made or adapted to fit into the space available. When installing industrial burners, EOGB can work together with installers of heating system, visiting sites to carry out surveys and advise on energy-saving measures. We can also give advice on whether a system has been correctly installed to meet official standards.


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