The demands which industrial heating systems need to meet will vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of plant or factory, the location and the type of processes being carried out. It is important to choose a boiler and system which are geared to the specific needs and requirements of the company or organisation.


At EOGB, we have expertise and experience in building and supplying a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial burners, and can advise you on the best equipment for your particular facility.


Energy Efficiency and Cost

Larger boilers tend to be needed in industrial settings, with substantial amounts of fuel being used. This makes it all the more important to save energy where possible, both for environmental and financial reasons. With authorities and organisations putting an increasing focus on environmental considerations, it is essential to choose industrial burners and boilers which will bring down your carbon footprint.


As part of this focus, critical factors to look at in selecting industrial boiler burners include whether they have advanced combustion control, whether they use blown or premixed gas, the type of motor used, what scope they have for increasing and decreasing power over their range while in use and whether they are single, two-stage or modulating burners. Another extremely important factor is whether a burner will have low NOx and CO emissions.


As well as being environmentally responsible, choosing a more energy-efficient industrial heating system can also cut costs to you. It would be a false economy to choose a system which is cheaper initially if it then costs more to run year on year. The good news is that, when you fit energy-efficient controls and burners with advanced combustion control, these measures are likely to pay for themselves within as little as one to two years, as well as providing ongoing savings after that.


Effective and Reliable Performance

Heating in a workplace not only needs to use fuel efficiently, but also to give reliable and effective performance, even when temperatures outside are very low. This will help to create a good working atmosphere and thus is likely to enhance your organisation’s productivity. Burners need to be carefully matched to the specific industrial or commercial boiler or application to ensure optimum performance, and EOGB can advise on the factors which need to be considered to achieve this.


One example of a new commercial heating system which has brought major benefits is the system installed by Remeha for the John Lewis store in Kingston upon Thames, London, using Baltur burners which were supplied by EOGB. The new system, with fully modulating commercial gas burners powering a pair of boilers, has not only improved fuel efficiency, but also made the atmosphere more pleasant for both customers and staff.


Industrial Burners from EOGB

EOGB provides a wide choice of highly fuel efficient and effective industrial gas burners, in addition to oil and dual fuel models. We are the only UK distributor of the high-performance burners manufactured by leading Italian company Baltur, which cover a large output range, from 14kW up to 45MW. Single and two-stage models can be supplied, as well as modulating burners.


The wide range of models available means we can supply a burner to meet the requirements of industrial heating systems as well as any other type of commercial or industrial application. Baltur’s range of burners are built to be highly effective, durable and reliable, with features ensuring easy maintenance, while at the same time being among the most energy-efficient models available. They comply with EN676 Class III, a European standard for low emissions of both NOx and CO.


EOGB’s engineering team is highly experienced in the whole field of heating systems for industry, and can give you expert advice on the best choice for your particular site. We also offer technical support and the highest levels of customer service.


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