Getting to grips with the XSeries


In order to support installers and engineers, we have produced two informative videos which show how to install and commission an XSeries oil burner.

The first video shows the appropriate measures needed to replace an old oil burner with a new XSeries and includes advice on safely isolating the existing burner as well as re-wiring the electric supply. The second video shows the steps that need to be taken to commission a new XSeries burner, including setting the pump pressure and checking and adjusting combustion figures.

You can view both videos on the EOGB YouTube channel:

The XSeries burners range from 14Kw – 100Kw and are widely used as high-quality replacements in domestic and light commercial boilers. The range has also been extended to provide low voltage solutions for a wide range of applications such as for road maintenance and field kitchens for the Army.

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