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Meet the Team – Peter Dempsey


Peter Dempsey has been at EOGB for almost 12 years and provides technical and service support to domestic and commercial heating engineers. In 2016 Peter was shortlisted for ‘Customer Service Person of the Year’ at the HVR Awards.


How did you get into the industry?

I left school at 18 and before joining EOGB I actually worked as an Estate Agent! However, it wasn’t for me and I started working in the warehouse at EOGB doing jobs such as picking and packing and shipping orders.

My intention was that it was only temporary until I found something else. However, about a year later, an opportunity of moving into the production department opened up, where I ended up staying for two and a half years. During this time, I must have built thousands of EOGB X Series burners and modified hundreds of Baltur commercial burners, so I know the product and parts inside out!

Also during this period I was promoted to Production Coordinator where I was responsible for ensuring that all parts required to build a burner were available to the production line. I was also responsible for our burner returns department where any burner that was returned was tested and inspected and then a full report given. This really helped my fault finding abilities as a burner could have been sent back with any fault and the majority of the time there was no information given of what the problem was. This meant that I really had to study and investigate every component for faults.

Whilst working in production I knew I wanted to move into more of a technical role, however, a role became available in our sales department. With my experience of the building burners and also working in the warehouse, I was able to bring a lot of product knowledge to our customers and instantly know what spare part they required or identify the part that they were trying to explain. Within a short period, and with the right guidance from management, I was speaking with engineers directly about problems and diagnosing and solving faults over the phone as a technical advisor.

I’ve now been in the technical team for over 9 years and I really feel like my far-ranging experience from across EOGB means I can give engineers the best possible advice and support.


What does your typical day look like?

I arrive at 8.30am and check and respond to emails. From this point on my day can be very varied, as it is dependent on when the phone rings and what problems need solving! I interact with lots of different people on a daily basis and can easily spend a few hours on the phone helping out engineers, site managers or even homeowners.

At EOGB we will always do our very best to try and accommodate requests for bespoke burner modification projects and I am the first point of contact when someone rings with a technical request. I’ll spend time researching, developing specifications and providing quotes.

OFTEC oil training is popular at EOGB and when we have courses running I also lead on the practical element of the training for both domestic and commercial.

Another role at EOGB I have undertaken is marketing – I am a keen photographer and take all of our company product and team photos as well as designing posters for marketing literature. I have also ventured into video editing and you can find some fault finding videos on our YouTube channel. I also draw and create wiring diagrams and monitor our website to ensure all of our manuals and literature is up to date.

I try to leave the office at 4.30pm but again it depends if the phone rings! If a site critically needs its burners to work (e.g a school or hospital) then I will stay until the job is done. I’ve been known to stay in the office until 7 or 8pm to ensure an engineer isn’t left high and dry!


What’s the best bit about your job?

The best part of my job is resolving any technical issue whether it is over the phone or in production. I enjoy getting to the root of a problem when something doesn’t work or is not functioning correctly and getting it to work again.

It always gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my own technical knowledge and experience that I have gained from working at EOGB has helped someone else.


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