Leading burner supplier EOGB stocks a range of products including multi fuel burners which can run on both gas and light oil or heavy oil. These are manufactured by top Italian company Baltur, well-known for its high standards and quality products.


Baltur has chosen EOGB, based at St Neots in Cambridgeshire, as the only approved distributor of its burners within the UK. The two companies share the same standards of quality and service to customers, and have built an excellent working relationship.


When you are looking for a burner for your specific heating application, it is essential to choose the correct model to ensure good performance and maximum energy efficiency. An advantage of choosing multi or dual fuel burners is that the fuel can be changed over very easily from gas to oil or vice versa, as required.


This is particularly useful on sites where heat is essential round the clock, including public buildings such as hospitals, universities, schools, police stations and prisons. Typically, sites would use gas as the primary fuel, with oil available as a back-up in the case of an interruption to the gas supply or if failure of a component causes a problem with the gas heating.


Single-Stage Dual Fuel Burners

Single-stage burners provided by EOGB include the MiniComist 7 and 11 and Comist 20 burners, which are suitable for burning light oil or natural gas. These can be used in conjunction with combustion chambers of all types. The MiniComist 7 is made to fit a size range between 38.5 kW and 66.8 kW, while the MiniComist 11 covers a range between 58.4 and 103 kW and the Comist 20 is suited for models from 80 to 230 kW.


All these oil and gas burners are designed to facilitate easy installation and maintenance and give high performance, and can easily be adapted to fit the specific boiler required. When maintenance needs to be carried out, there is no need to remove the whole burner, since the design means the mixing and atomisation units can be taken out separately, saving on time and costs.


Baltur burners have a whole range of built-in safety features, including automatic control and command equipment which meets the EN298 European standard, as well as flame detection by means of an ultra-violet photo-electric cell. They also comply with a whole range of other standards and are built to ensure energy efficiency, saving your costs while caring for the planet.


Two Stage Dual Fuel Burners

Two-stage multi fuel burners can help to save energy by offering a progressive output operation. EOGB supplies a number of different models within Baltur’s Comist range. This includes burners suitable for alternate use with light oil and gas, covering an output range from 130 kW up to 3878 kW, and burners for use with heavy oil and gas, with an output range between 348 kW and 3878 kW.


As with the single-stage dual fuel burners, Baltur’s two-stage burners also comply with European regulatory standards and have built-in safety features and failsafes, including advanced combustion control and UV flame scanners.


Modulating Burners

Another product manufactured by Baltur supplied by EOGB is modulating burners, which are specifically designed for industrial and commercial use. We supply models for use with light oil and gas from the TBML, Comist and GI Mist ranges, covering a large output range between 250 kW and 10,500 kW.


There are also Comist models which burn heavy oil and gas and some GI Mist models designed for use with extra heavy oil and gas. All modulating gas burners and oil burners we supply again comply with relevant regulatory standards and include a range of quality features designed to ensure top performance, safety and environmental responsibility.


In addition to supplying oil, gas and multi fuel burners, EOGB offers a spares service, supplying industry-standard components from many leading manufacturers, and provides training courses leading to certification.


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