A range of top quality oil burners are available from specialist manufacturer and supplier EOGB Energy Products Ltd. This includes models which are suitable for industrial and commercial applications as well as domestic use.


Oil boilers are used used in many different types of setting, ranging from homes to factories, warehouses and other business premises. Whatever the type of building, all these boilers need quality burners. EOGB has a reputation for providing boiler burners of the highest standards, and is now the preferred supplier to many boiler manufacturers.


As well as supplying its own high-performance models, EOGB is the sole UK approved supplier of Baltur oil burners, which all meet ISO international quality standards.


Light Commercial and Domestic Oil Burners

EOGB’s XSeries burners are UK-manufactured and specifically designed to be used in this country. This means they are built to meet the particular demands both of modern boilers and of kerosene, which is the most commonly used domestic fuel used in the UK. Every XSeries burner features state-of-the-art technology and have solid build quality to combine powerful performance with reliability and durability.


XSeries burners are built for easy installation and can be fitted to the majority of existing boilers. They come in a choice of three sizes, to fit boiler models ranging from 14 kW right up to 100 kW. Compact in size, these items can be simply installed by means of a universal mounting flange. The simple fitting process keeps down costs involved both in installing a burner and in maintaining it. It’s also possible to access parts easily, without having to disrupt either power or oil connections.


At EOGB, we put emphasis on high quality and performance throughout the manufacture of our burners for boilers. Every stage of production includes robust testing and monitoring procedures. As well as ensuring the highest quality via recognised international standards, we also stress the need for environmental safety and saving energy. That means XSeries burners go beyond current emissions standards in Europe and they also comply with the EN267 standard.


X series burners can be used not only with oil, but also with bio diesel blends up to B10. EOGB can supply biofuel burners designed for higher blends, plus dual fuel and gas burners.


Commercial Oil Burners

EOGB’s focus on superior quality is something we share with leading Italian company Baltur, which has chosen us to supply its products in the UK. Established in the 1950s, Baltur has built a proud reputation for its innovation and its determination to produce models which give high-level performance together with dependability and environmental responsibility.


Sizes in the Baltur burner range supplied by EOGB vary from the smallest single stage burners, for 17 to 390 kW boilers, to heavy oil burners covering a range between 55 and 10,500 kW. Two other options are two-stage burners for 26 to 4151 kW and modulating burners for 415 to 10,500 kW. The range of models includes BTL, TBL and BT


One key advantage of oil burner models within the Baltur range is easy maintenance, since it is possible to remove the atomisation unit on its own without having to dismantle the burner from within the boiler. Excellent combustion on all burners in this range makes them a perfect choice.


The different models also have many other features making them suitable to use in particular areas, for instance with the TBL LX being well suited to use in low NOx condensing combustion chambers. The Baltur range complies with European ISO standards, meaning you can be sure of the quality of these models. These burners can also be used with gas oil and bio fuel blends.


If you are in doubt about which model is right for your particular application, we can advise you on this. As specialist suppliers of wholesale oil burners, EOGB offers a full range of services to support its customers, including not just installation but also a spares service and expert training.


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