Oil heating has become increasingly popular with households across the UK who don’t have access to mains gas. When oil central heating is installed, the system must include effective oil burners for home heating to make sure it performs as it should. EOGB is a leading UK oil burner supplier and developer of the popular XSeries range of oil burners.


Built in the UK, EOGB XSeries burners are available in different models to suit the demands of particular boilers. We are happy to advise heating engineers on which burner is right for a new or existing system. Our staff can also advise individuals or households over the phone when a replacement home oil burner is needed and put them in touch with a heating engineer who can carry out the installation.


The Advantages of Oil Heating


Oil is a highly efficient form of fuel, avoiding waste and giving a high return on all the energy used. For households who are “off the gas grid”, it is typically a cheaper option than other fuels such as electricity or solid fuel.


If you have an older or less efficient oil system, installing a new oil-fired system, such as a combi boiler, can substantially cut bills. According to some estimates, it could bring them down by as much as 30%. A new system is likely to have an efficiency rate of up to 95%, whereas for an older boiler this could be as low as 70% or even 60%.


Oil combi boilers save energy and money by operating via an “on demand” basis, with heating and hot water provided as and when they are needed. Because of this, modern oil central heating systems can be seen as a greener method of heating than many other options. In addition, most oil boilers can work well in conjunction with solar energy during the summer and autumn where this is an option.


Choice of an Oil Heating System


Engineers and households deciding on domestic heating systems will want to be sure of their new boiler’s reliability. This means looking at the reputation of the company whose products you are considering. This is important both from the point of view of keeping warm during winter, without the fear of breakdowns, and to avoid unwanted costs from emergency callouts.


As well as the performance of the boiler itself, another important element is the oil burners which are installed. These must work efficiently with the other components. A boiler can only perform as intended if it contains quality burners designed to work with the specific type of heating application.


XSeries Burners from EOGB


Most types of domestic boiler will work well with the XSeries range of home oil burners, which are EOGB’s own models and are manufactured in the UK. These burners have advanced design features, including powerful motors which have high temperature bearings. They are constructed to be compatible with high resistance boilers operating on kerosene. All components have been thoroughly tested and international quality procedures are followed all through the manufacture process.


In addition to sophisticated design giving superior performance, XSeries burners have been built for reliability during continuous use. They are also designed to make both installation and maintenance as easy as possible, with ease of access to all components. This helps to make them ideal for domestic use, as it keeps down the cost both of initial installation and maintaining and replacing parts. In addition to being installed as part of a new heating system, our domestic oil burners can be retrofitted to many existing boilers, with easy installation by using a universal mounting flange.


As well as being used in a household setting, XSeries burners are suitable for light commercial uses. Being manufactured in the UK makes these burners especially suitable for the home market, as they work well with the types of boilers in use here. However, they are also used abroad; for example, there has been an overseas order from the Spanish military for XSeries standard burners to use in mobile kitchens.


Another advantage of our burners for both households and businesses is that they meet high environmental standards, including those governing emissions. XSeries burners can also be used with biofuel applications.


Based in Cambridgeshire, EOGB is not just a leading oil burner supplier, serving engineers with industry-leading domestic oil burners, but also offers a range of support services for our customers. This includes technical help both by email and over the phone and an extensive spares service.


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