The Importance of Liquid Fuel Hose Replacement

Don’t risk an oil spill – if you are in any doubt, replace consumable items.

With the winter season well underway, EOGB is reminding heating engineers of the importance of replacing oil hoses during their annual servicing to maintain efficiency and prevent avoidable accidents. 

Home insurers may try to pass the cost on to the technician who services the appliance, of a fuel spill originating from a flexible fuel line.

How can you protect yourself from this risk? 

Flexible oil hoses should be inspected during every service visit and in the interests of safety, changed at regular intervals. There are different types of flexible oil hoses available and guarantee periods can be as short as one year. Where flexible oil hoses are marked with a date stamp, the age of the oil hose should be established and if out of its guarantee period, replaced immediately. 

Where no date stamp is visible or where an oil hose is kinked, damaged or any doubt exists as to its integrity until the next service visit, it is recommended that it is replaced at the time of the service. 

EOGB is the original manufacturer of the biogreen long life flexi oil hose and has supplied over half a million of these to the industry since 2009. 

The latest in protection for your home – The Ruby Red Flexible

A Dual Containment flexible, PTFE tube, stainless steel over-braid, with a translucent- red PU cover, Ruby-Red Flexi offers the very best solution for your oil-fired boiler hose. 

Dual Containment Explained 

In the oil lines above (pics 3 & 4) we have deliberately pierced the PTFE tube (to represent a failure) filled the hose with liquid food colouring (to represent heating oil) and applied air pressure, to replicate a leak. The PU cover successfully contains the fluid, even at twice working pressure! 

Avoid the risk of oil leaks and costly clean ups – install the Ruby-Red Flexi 

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