Tub of Plug & Dike Putty (F06-0006)

The EVO range of absorbent’s offers the best value, great performance, recycled sustainable natural fibres and a low Carbon Footprint.

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EVO absorbent’s are designed to absorb more oil and oil-based liquids, weight for weight, than comparable polypropylene absorbent’s. Treated with a blend of additives to maximize water repulsion, flame resistance and protection against moulds and other microbes. EVO pads are a high loft and extremely soft, yet tough, cost effective product for absorbing all common, non-hazardous fluids and be safely used on oils, fuels and solvents.

All EVO absorbents are made from sustainable natural fibres, recycled natural textile remnants, which replace non-renewable synthetics.

Emergency plugging potty to temporarily plug oil leaks from oil tanks

Sticks to dirty, greasy, rusty surfaces. Will hold up to 8 feet of head pressure