Specialist solutions

Over an almost 25-year history, EOGB has built up extensive experience in designing and developing bespoke burner solutions for a wide range of specialist applications.

For example, unlike other domestic burner manufacturers, we have developed 12 volt and 24 volt variations of our conventional XSeries burner range which are suitable for diesel fuels, including FAME based biofuel blends with diesel up to B10.

There are many types of application that are suitable for these low voltage burners and these include road marking equipment, range type cookers, mobile incinerators and low output boilers. We’ve even designed and developed low voltage burners for steam cars!

The low voltage burners are extremely adaptable and can be contained within a restricted space, which is often a challenge when it comes to smaller, niche applications. They also benefit from easy installation, maintenance and a high-level of reliability which means they can withstand severe weather conditions in unique applications such as mobile field kitchens.

To provide an efficient solution for new applications, and to meet customer’s changing requirements, EOGB operates a continuous development policy. The technical team welcomes any specific requests from customers and are experienced in carrying out research and providing advice on burner modifications.

First-class technical support is also in place to ensure that engineers who install and maintain EOGB equipment are fully conversant with all aspects of our products.

To speak to a member of our technical team about a bespoke project, email technical@eogb.co.uk or call 01480 477066 (opt 1).