domestic heating burner

Spring clean your domestic heating system

As we enter the spring/summer season, now is the perfect time to focus on the maintenance and upkeep of domestic heating systems to ensure they are running efficiently and everything is in order.

As with all boiler parts, burner components that operate at high temperatures have a working life and can eventually fail or fail intermittently. However, replacement parts are still readily available. You can see the selection of industry standard spare parts available from EOGB here.

We suggest that heating engineers carry out the following tasks for customers at least once a year:

  1. Replace nozzle
  2. Replace braided hose (if it’s a long-life hose check date on hose and replace if there is any doubt on its age)
  3. Check external filters and replace elements if they are a disposable type
  4. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on boiler baffle removal and cleaning of combustion chamber and condense trap if applicable
  5. Fit pressure and vacuum gauges to ensure pressure and flow of oil to burner
  6. Check combustion as per manufacturers guidelines including a smoke test prior to analyzing
  7. Complete a suitable service report displaying combustion figures including, CO2, CO, O2, smoke number and flue gas temperature

By servicing domestic heating systems at least once a year, optimum efficiency is maintained and everything is kept in tip top condition.

For technical advice and support contact the EOGB technical team by email ( or calling 01480 477066 (option 1).