LPG training

Spring forward your career with LPG training

If you are a heating engineer looking to add another string to your bow, it’s worthwhile to consider working towards a Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) qualification.

With over four million homes in the UK currently classed as off-grid (according to statistics from the Office of Fair Trading), becoming LPG-qualified opens up a vast new market for qualified installers to tap into.

What’s more, LPG is a common choice for heating in residential park homes and caravans, providing a lucrative opportunity for engineers based in tourism-rich rural and coastal areas.

Once training is complete and you have successfully passed your assessment, you will be able to start offering your customers all the benefits of LPG straight away.

The major benefits of LPG extend to installers too. New or replacement LPG boilers are often simple to install, saving you valuable time on the job. Furthermore, many modern condensing gas boilers can simply be converted to LPG by using an inexpensive conversion kit.

At EOGB, we offer a range of bespoke training courses, including our popular CONGLP1 natural gas to LPG changeover course.

Suitable for engineers who already hold their domestic natural gas ACS qualification (CCN1), the three-day course comprises of practical tasks and assessments and covers installation and repair of domestic appliances, residential park homes and leisure accommodation vehicles.

Despite the benefits that LPG brings, it is still an area that is often overlooked by heating engineers. This provides a gap in the market for those engineers wishing to stay ahead of the curve.

If you are interested in developing your career with EOGB, call 01480 477066 (opt 3) or email training@eogb.co.uk.