Baltur Commercial Burner

Tips to make your commercial burner set up as efficient as possible

If you are looking to reduce the bottom line but replacing your current commercial heating system is not an option, ensuring your burner is running as efficiently as possible is a key way to save on bills and reduce energy consumption.

Here is EOGB’s guide to ensuring your commercial burner set up is as cost-effective as possible:


  • Optimise modulation

Unlike their traditional single-stage and two-stage counterparts, fully modulating burners are designed to safely operate throughout their firing range from high to low fire. The benefits of modulating burners include reduced running costs, reduced fuel consumption and an increase in boiler longevity.

Commercial heating systems typically have to cope with a far greater spread of demand than the average domestic system, so it is important to check that set points are correct and the burner is actually modulating to prevent inefficiency caused by constant on/off cycling.


  • Don’t scrimp on commissioning

Commissioning is an extremely important and necessary part of any burner installation process to adhere to industry standards, check equipment is running safely and ensure future efficiency.

It is crucial that commissioning is carried out accurately so that maximum turndown is achieved. 


  • Monitor combustion

To maximise combustion efficiency, it is important to periodically monitor the volume of combustion air, fuel and flue gas temperature of the burner through appropriate testing and measurement. This will ensure that excess combustion air is at optimum levels and that flame temperature is not reduced, causing combustion inefficiency.


  • Correctly set up PID loop

When configuring a burner PID control loop, it’s vital to ensure it is set correctly to stop the burner overshooting. If configured incorrectly, the burner will begin on/off cycling which is highly inefficient and can drastically increase running costs.

For advice and guidance on improving the efficiency of your commercial heating system, email or call 01480 477066 (opt 2).