Training, Assessment and Product Compliance

With the release of the OFTEC updated training and assessment syllabuses for compliance with the new Approved Document L requirements for England, we invested in our training and assessment staff by engaging Alan Black of Oil Heating Consultancy Services Ltd to write and present a “Train the trainers” session covering room by room heat loss calculations based on the CIBSE Panel Domestic Heating Design Guide as the new ADL requires that “An appropriate heat loss calculation for the dwelling” is carried out even when simply replacing an existing boiler.

The training was presented in two parts to twelve of our staff and contractors. The first session covered the first principles in heat loss calculation including the calculation of U values and how heat transfers through the elements of a structure such as a cavity wall and how the rate of heat loss is based on temperature differential, ventilation, and factors which affect losses such as those caused by building air leakage, infiltration, and thermal bridging.

The second part of the training consisted of a detailed presentation of a bespoke PowerPoint training presentation, written for OFTEC engineers following the OFTEC revised training syllabuses, working through the Domestic Heating Design Guide which includes radiator sizing and factors affecting heat output such as flow temperatures and the differences in radiator outputs when the system flow temperature was designed for an 82C flow for standard efficiency boilers, a 70C flow temp for condensing boilers and as per the new ADL low temperature (max) 55C flow temps, added to this the effects of differential temperatures between flow and return.

The second session raised a number of questions with our staff eager to learn more and what this meant in real terms regarding boilers and equipment available in the market such as our Sapphire fully modulating kerosene and HVO boilers with a one-piece stainless steel heat exchanger and OpenTherm weather compensating controls capability, so that when training and assessing candidates we would be confident that our training would be based on the impartation of knowledge and understanding and not end up as a candidate coaching exercise simply to pass a new assessment.

Our team quickly realised that our stainless steel Sapphire fully modulating boiler and OpenTherm weather compensating controls would not only enable compliance with the new ADL, but due to Sapphire’s one-piece stainless steel design it is eminently suitable for any of the system design flow temperatures covered enabling it to be safely fitted to existing systems and future proof for new systems going forward to 2050 alike! This means that customers can still benefit from liquid fuel rapid heat energy transfers to rooms as well as maintained temperature systems all from one boiler and with the choice of going fully green and decarbonising with renewable and sustainable liquid fuels such as HVO.

So, how did the staff get on when, unexpectedly, they were presented with a mock OFTEC assessment at the end of the training session? The assessment had a time limit of one hour and every one of our staff completed the assessment within the first 15 minutes. All present and correct, Sir!