Turn up the heat this summer

The summer season is traditionally a quieter time in the commercial heating industry. Temperatures are warmer and buildings and offices aren’t required to have their heating systems switched on to maintain a warm environment for residents or employees.

But, when it comes to turning the heating back on again for the winter, issues can arise if a problem is discovered and a heating engineer needs to be called out.

So why not use these quieter summer months to your advantage? As you’re not using your heating system, you have the time to make changes and get essential servicing done without causing any disruption. It may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many people still leave it to the winter to resolve any issues and then have a nasty surprise!

Some of the benefits of assessing your heating system in the summer include:

  • Preparation and peace of mind
  • Less chance of needing emergency repairs
  • Improved energy efficiency

Re-evaluating your current situation

Heating bills for large commercial premises can be extortionate. So, as well as maintenance and servicing, the summer months also provide the perfect time to assess your commercial heating system to see if it could be running more efficiently to save you money.

Sometimes just little changes can make a massive difference – even an efficiency improvement of 1-2% can save thousands of pounds for very large commercial premises.

At EOGB we offer a ‘Heating Health Check’ service which gives customers an honest evaluation of how their current heating system is performing – and shows them what savings can be made with some very minor adjustments.

It involves an EOGB engineer visiting the site and undertaking a full inspection to check current efficiency performance and see if there is any room for improvement. A report is then provided which shows estimated savings (based on the current fuel tariff) that can be made as a result of both minor amendments and more substantial upgrades to the heating system.

Grab the opportunity

So why not avoid a miserable winter and get your heating system checked out over the summer? Act now and resolve any potential issues so your heating doesn’t let you down when you need it the most!

For technical advice and support contact the EOGB technical team by emailing (technical@eogb.co.uk) or calling 01480 477066 (option 2).