EOGB provides heating solution for Victoria Street London

A recent prestigious office refurbishment in Victoria Street South London, has utilized Broag Remeha P500 boilers fitted with EOGB TBG150PN fully modulating gas burners.

Four boilers and burner have been installed and the commissioning was undertaken by EOGB directly. The heating plant is capable of providing 4.5 MW of heat to the building with a rotational boiler management system.

The gas burners are capable of a 4:1 modulating turndown to to ensure maximum efficiency and limit any dry cycling of the plant. The burners are also fitted with Siemens Pneumatic gas valves which operate on an air/gas ratio system.

These burners, and several other models are listed on the Carbon Trusts’ Enhanced Technology list.

Electronic modulation is also available if required, the ME range of burners now use the Lamtec BT300 burner controller, which supersedes the Dungs MPA22 controller.For further information on our Burner range and other products please contact sales@eogb.co.uk