Why EOGB Is A Leading Industrial Burner Supplier

Industrial firms tend to have large boilers which need to be able to perform in all types of conditions and heat wide areas, for instance within warehouses or factories. It is important that industrial burners for these types of application are optimised to give high levels of performance together with energy efficiency.

This means you need to choose quality burners, designed to work well with your boiler model, and to ensure they are supplied by a specialist supplier of industrial burners. EOGB is a leader in this field. Here is a look at some of the reasons why you can rely on us to give you the service you need and provide specialist technical advice and support.

Wide-ranging Experience and Expertise

EOGB Energy Products Ltd has been operating from its site at St Neots in Cambridgeshire since 1993. We have steadily expanded our operations over the years, introducing new services such as manufacturing our own range of domestic and light commercial burners and launching a free informational app.

Because EOGB has been a supplier to the trade across the UK for so long, we have built relationships with companies and been involved in a whole range of projects in different sectors. This means you can be sure we have worked on installations similar to the one you require, whether you need replacement burners for heating systems within offices, an educational setting or any other type of facility.

EOGB offers a wide range of training courses based in Cambridgeshire, including oil and gas training as well as an energy efficiency course. Our own engineers constantly undergo training to ensure they keep their expertise up-to-date and have a full knowledge of all the latest developments in the heating industry.

Relationships with Manufacturers and Industry

EOGB has a long-standing relationship with leading industrial burner manufacturer Baltur, based in Italy, and we are a principal UK supplier of their burners. Our companies share a commitment to the highest standards, and EOGB has an expert knowledge of the Baltur product range. As part of our range of training courses, we offer an annual commercial burner course for heating engineers at Baltur’s premises in Bologna.

We have also built good relationships with companies which manufacture and install boilers and we frequently work closely with them as chosen suppliers. For instance, we recently worked with Remaha, a leading European manufacturer and distributor, in projects to install new heating systems at City of Bristol College and John Lewis Kingston. We installed fully-modulating Baltur burners as part of both these installations to help ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency.

High Quality Products

EOGB consistently ensures that all the burners it supplies are of top quality, including Baltur industrial oil burner and gas burner products as well as our own smaller domestic and light commercial XSeries burners. Trade customers know they can rely on us for burners which will give the required performance and be suited to the specific application.

Our expertise is not restricted to supplying standard burners for boilers, however. Because we have our own engineering team, we can adapt products to suit any industrial application. Where a heating solution has to be tailored to the specific premises, for instance because the space available is limited, we can work with installers to ensure the right burners are chosen to give optimum performance.

Range of Services

EOGB’s services go beyond supplying and installing quality industrial gas burners and oil burners across the UK. Our engineers also provide expert technical help and support, and can be contacted either by phone or by email, as you prefer.

We can also provide surveys on-site and technical support and commissioning services. Our engineers can ensure that heating installations meet the required standards and advise on optimising burner performance and ways of ensuring energy efficiency.

A good spares service is another highly desirable feature to consider when choosing a supplier of industrial boiler burners. You will want to be sure that it will be possible to replace spares quickly when needed, in order to keep systems performing well and avoid downtime. EOGB offers a whole range of spares available next day nationwide, and can also give advice over the phone if you need an older part.

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