EOGB have introduced ‘Abzorb’, a range of environmentally-friendly oil spill clean-up products especially designed for engineers and technicians.


See below for details of the range


Call 01480 477066 or email sales@eogb.co.uk for further details and your nearest stockist

Abztract Cleaner


A 250ml bottle of natural cleaner which removes oil ingress from concrete and hard surfaces.

Abzorb Oil Eater


A non-toxic organic loose fibre which can absorb up to ten times its own weight in spilt oil or product. Removes oil from land and water.

Absorbent Snake


A  maize-filled tube for isolating spillages. Available in from 1.5 metres to 21 metres in length.

SupaZorb Pads


For land-based and water-based spills. Thick flat, organic needle punched and garneted for strength.

SupaZorb Wipes


For wiping down any contaminated surface.

20-25 Litre Abzorb Kit (also available as a 40-50 litre kit)



  • Abzorb Oil Eater
  • 1 metre Absorbent Snake
  • 250ml bottle of Abztract Cleaner
  • Supazorb Wipes
  • gloves, safety goggles and full instructions for use