EOGB supplies high quality commercial gas burners to a wide range of companies and organisations and is the sole UK distributor of burners made by leading Italian manufacturer Baltur. Baltur and EOGB have worked in partnership for over 10 years and our shared values and professional approach means we work very well together.


The boilers that provide heating and hot water in buildings owned and occupied by many different types of companies are powered by commercial gas burners. This includes commercial outlets such as shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. The commercial gas heating systems in these buildings require reliable commercial burners to provide high performance and a large number of boiler manufacturers rely on EOGB to supply these.


Advantages of commercial gas burners


Gas is usually the preferred fuel in most industries due to its clean burning properties compared with other fuels. Other benefits include:

  • Easily controlled with a thermostat
  • Cost effective
  • Convenient
  • No need for storage

EOGB recently installed and commissioned three Baltur TBG 120MC commercial gas burners at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in the West Midlands to power three Strebel RU2S-10 boilers. A reliable heating system is vital for the hotel to maintain a pleasant environment for guests and by replacing the existing boilers with boilers powered by EOGB/Baltur burners, the hotel now benefits from increased efficiency and lower CO2 and NOx emissions. Additionally, the units provide superior reliability and reduced fuel consumption.


For a reliable system giving high performance, it’s important to have quality burners. All the burners supplied by EOGB are designed to save energy, reduce emissions and noise and all comply with regulatory standards.


Single stage commercial burners


A conventional single stage commercial burner can only run in two ways – on or off. It has a ‘stop-and-start’ approach and there is no in-between. Single stage burners are most commonly used for low output applications when little control is needed and are popular due to their simplicity.

EOGB supplies a number of single stage commercial burners including:

  • BTG (3,6,11,15,20 and 28) – ranging from 16.6kW to 280kW
  • TBG (35, 45 and 60) – ranging from 80kW to 600kW

Some of the key features of the Baltur single stage burners are low NOx emissions and easy maintenance as the combustion head can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler.


Two Stage Burners


Two stage commercial burners have two heating levels, a high stage and a lower stage for milder temperatures. This means that they are generally more energy efficient as they can consistently operate at the lower temperature for most of the day.


The two stage burners EOGB provide are:

  • BTG (3.6, 6, 11, 15, 20 and 28) – ranging from 16.3kW to 280kW
  • TBG (35 P, 45 P, 60 P, 85 P, 85 PV, 120 P, 150 P and 210 P) to ranging from 80kW to 2100kW
  • BGN (250 P, 300 P and 350 P) – ranging from 490kW to 3500kW

These burners are most commonly used for larger commercial and industrial applications where more control is needed and key features include high ventilation efficiency, low NOx emissions, low electrical input and reduced noise.


Modulating Burners


Modulating burners are designed to safely operate throughout their firing range from low to high so can automatically adjust their firing output based on demand. They are often selected for very large industrial processes because of their precise control and the reduced wear on components.

EOGB provides a wide variety of modulating burners, including the following ranges:

  • TBG PN
  • BTG ME
  • BTG LX
  • TBG MC

Modulating burners are very popular and many companies choose to use them in their heating systems as they offer a more precice control, better turndown ratio, use less fuel, reduce emissions and are very reliable and easy to maintain.




EOGB is well placed to advise customers on the burners that would be best for them. We offer on-site assessments free of charge and provide a full commissioning and after-sales service as well as ongoing technical support.


Commercial Gas Burners – View our single stage, two stage and fully modulating burner range here.