Oil-fired domestic heating systems are used by many homes in the UK, particularly in rural locations. There are 4 million homes nationally where mains gas isn’t available, and oil is a popular choice in these locations.


EOGB Energy Products Ltd supplies a high-quality central heating oil burner range, which we manufacture ourselves in the UK, especially geared to the needs of homes in this country. We can give advice to heating engineers on the best choice of system to fit a specific site or property. We are also able to advise domestic customers directly over the phone about parts they may require, and then give them details of engineers in their area who may be able to assist.


Choosing a Domestic Heating System

There are various factors which need to be borne in mind when choosing oil heating systems for homes. Probably the most important of these is year-round reliability, since nobody wants to be left with their heating suddenly cutting out in the middle of winter. It is also essential to be sure that the system you choose will efficiently pump heat around your home even in sub-zero temperatures.


Cost is also a key consideration, and this is one of the reasons to focus on energy efficiency. The price of heating oil can fluctuate, but, in general, as with any fuel, it is important to choose an oil home heating boiler and system which are energy-efficient and will keep your running costs down.


As well as being important from the viewpoint of household budgets, energy efficiency is also vital to consider from the point of view of helping the planet and reducing a household’s carbon footprint. Increasingly, a home’s green performance is a key factor if and when you come to sell your home, and high standards of energy efficiency are likely to be something which impresses buyers.


How Oil Burners Can Meet These Requirements

An efficient and home oil burner can help to meet all the priorities for house heating systems. The XSeries from EOGB has a number of advanced design features which ensure reliability and continuing high levels of performance. These include the use of Honeywell and Danfoss components that are long established and respected for their reliability.


Oil is one of the most efficient fuels for heating a home, especially if a modern boiler is fitted, using state-of-the-art burner designs and avoiding energy wastage. XSeries burners are particularly efficient and eco-friendly, exceeding EU emission standards and complying with EN216 certification.


The range of sizes within the XSeries range of domestic oil burners means they can be suitable for different types of home. There are 3 different models in the range, with the smallest covering the 14 to 36 kW output range, while the largest is designed for boilers with outputs of 50 to 100 kW.


As well as being ideal for use with kerosene, EOGB’s domestic burners can be used with other fuels including bio diesel blends. As part of our commitment to the environment, EOGB has been working closely with OFTEC to develop products compatible with biofuels for use in heating systems. We can supply fire valves, hoses and filters suitable for use with these blends in addition to our biofuel burners.


If you are looking to install oil-fired domestic heating systems, or need to replace residential oil burners in an existing system, EOGB can advise you on the best installation for your needs. We also provide a full parts and spares service, offering components from leading manufacturers, and where you need to replace an older part we can advise on what replacement would be suitable. EOGB also offers technical support and expert training courses for heating engineers at our facility in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.


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