A Heating Health Check Could Save You Thousands On Your Heating Bill

Heating Health Check

Could a Heating Health Check save you £1,000s?


EOGB Energy Products Ltd is a leading expert on energy efficient gas, oil and dual-fuel heating systems for all types of commercial buildings and industrial process applications.

We know that heating can be expensive, so we’re offering you a ‘heating health check’ service to give you an honest evaluation of how your current heating system is performing – and show you what savings can be made with some very minor adjustments.

Minor adjustments to your heating system can cut bills dramatically and reduce the amount of harmful CO2 and NOx emissions produced, as shown in the examples below (based on heating 14 hours over 5 days a week). Of course every situation is unique hence a dedicated evaluation onsite would be required to give accurate figures.

Small-sized building/offices

Mid-sized building manufacturing or large offices/schools

Large-sized industrial plant

Estimated fuel cost per hour




Reduction with O2 and CO adjustment




Additional saving with invertor control




Total savings per year




CO2 reduction per year

3 tonnes

17 tonnes

93 tonnes

*All figures are approximate and every situation is different

What’s involved?

One of our specialist combustion engineers will visit your site and carry out a full boiler and plant inspection to check its current efficiency performance and potential for improvement.

A thorough analysis of the boiler combustion process will be performed and a report produced with estimated savings and recommendations based on your current fuel tariff.

The report will give you a clear overview of the current boiler performance and what potential savings can be made with either basic plant adjustments or upgrades to the burner or controls.

Don’t own the building? Then why not pass this on to your landlord and ask them to contact us. It could save you £1,000s on your building service charge!

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

What’s the catch?

There’s genuinely no catch! We are offering selected businesses who we think are likely to save £1,000s in their heating bills with a Heating Health Check for a nominal cost of just £150+VAT.

A common question we get asked when advising on plant and boiler improvements is ‘what is the payback period?’. So that you know what to expect, we provide a full illustration of potential savings and timescales. No salesmen, just honest engineering advice.

We are not interested in replacing any equipment with so-called ‘renewable energy’. We’re committed to our customers’ needs for reducing their bills, and so our initial heating health check visit is with no obligation to take any further action. If no savings where to be made we would advise accordingly.

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    *Terms and Conditions

    • Heating Health Checks are subject to availability
    • Energy savings are based on information provided to us such as current fuel costs and usage. All information is as accurate as possible and EOGB will not be held responsible for any misinterpretations of information provided.