As burner manufacturers, EOGB are highly experienced in producing high-quality products designed for the UK market. In addition to the standard XSeries range of burners for boilers, which are ideally suited for most home and light commercial heating systems, we also produce specialist versions which have been constructed for bespoke applications.


EOGB offers low voltage versions of the XSeries, our burners specifically created for domestic and light commercial applications in the UK. Built to the same high quality standards and having undergone the same rigorous testing as other models in the XSeries range, these models can operate on either 12 or 24 volts DC. These versatile oil and biofuel burners can be run on FAME bio-diesel blends up to B10.


Which Special Applications Need Burners?

Specialist low-voltage burners are needed for many different types of application, where for various reasons standard domestic or commercial boilers are not suitable. This includes a whole range of mobile applications.


Mobile Applications: Where the power supply is very limited, with only a portable battery being available, or the power from a boat or vehicle, it is clearly essential to use highly efficient oil burners. However, at the same time as using low voltage, there is also a need to ensure high performance. For instance, if a number of people are eating food prepared on a mobile cooker or at a field kitchen, it needs to be possible to prepare the required quantities of food quickly and efficiently.


In addition to leisure applications XSeries burner are widely used on road marking equipment and road repair machinery. They offer a much more reliable option compared to traditional propane type burners


Other Specialist Applications: Low-output boilers in boats for both leisure and commercial application now widely use 12 and 24 volt DC XSeries burners with great success, with heating systems designed to avoid wasted fuel, require burners which are highly efficient and use a low voltage. More efficient systems are increasingly in demand because of the growing focus on saving energy and helping the environment.


EOGB constantly develops its specialist burners for boilers and other applications, to ensure they incorporate all the latest technology. We also offer expert technical support to engineers. Our experts can advise you over which type of burner is best suited to your specific application. All our XSeries burners are UK built and give high performance and reliability; this includes the low-voltage models.


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