Being prepared for oil spills

Recognise the feeling of being caught off guard when an unexpected oil spill or leak occurs during a job?

Dealing with minor oil spills and leaks is a common occurrence for heating engineers as part of their day-to-day work and we know all too well the issues that can arise with being unprepared should an accidental spill or leak occur.

To provide engineers with a solution to this common problem, EOGB stocks a selection of oil clean up products that can be purchased as separate items or as a comprehensive kit that can be readily at hand as a precautionary measure.

The 20-25 litre ‘Abzorb’ kit comes in a rigid box and contains:

  • Abzorb oil eater – a non-toxic organic loose fibre which can absorb up to ten times its own weight in spilt oil or product
  • Absorbent snake – a 1 metre maize-filled tube for isolating spillages
  • Abztract cleaner – a 250ml spray bottle of natural cleaner which removes oil ingress from concrete and hard surfaces
  • Supazorb wipes – for wiping down any contaminated surface
  • Gloves, safety goggles and full instructions for use.

Being considerate to the environment, and to a customer’s property, is vital and every product in the range is made up of 100% organic material, making it extremely environmentally friendly. None of the products leave any residue behind.

We recommend that all heating engineers keep a complete oil spill response kit in their van as a contingency measure. By dealing with a fuel spillage quickly and safely, the toxic, hazardous effects can be minimised or eradicated and any potential for insurance claims avoided.

Click here for more information about the Abzorb range. To speak to an EOGB engineer, call 01480 477066.